Leveraging Nature to Nurture Leaders

YES strives to cultivate both youth and adult leaders in Richmond who lead, healthy connected lives; motivate change in their neighborhoods; and inspire a safe, thriving community. Exposure to and interactions in nature play a vital role in realizing our vision and YES offers several programs and entry points so that community residents across the age spectrum can participate.

YES’s youth pathway includes both the Summer Camp program for youth ages 8 - 13 and the Camp-to-Community (C2C) program for 14-18 year olds. Together these two programs offer progressive outdoor and community leadership experiences for young people in Richmond and surrounding West Contra Costa County. Youth are encouraged to begin at an early age so that they can take advantage of the multiple opportunities and activities offered to them throughout the year.

The adult and families pathway consists of the Family Camp and Wellness programs. Family Camp serves as a relationship-building and leadership retreat for caregivers and their families in Central and North Richmond. The adults who attend these camps interact with peers and participate in workshops where they learn about relevant community issues and wellness practices. Upon return to Richmond, YES staff offers advocacy trainings, nutrition and physical activity groups, and opportunities for adults to advocate on behalf of pressing wellness issues in their schools and neighborhoods.

Click on our recently completed Strategic Plan and Theory of Change to see a visual overview of our leadership pathways model and the goals and activities we strive to achieve.